Vision and mission of Kaltenbach.Solutions defined

Kaltenbach.Solutions GmbH has now been successfully asserting itself on the market for almost five years. In the course of this development, a number of new employees have come on board and it has become increasingly urgent to record in an understandable and binding way what the company is all about at its core. As part of the ongoing OKR training, the team and management have now taken the time to ask "why" and "how". Together with development coach Anna Pflug from Freiburg, the vision, mission, values and strategies were discussed, written down and visualized.


As a full-service provider with deep expertise in the steel industry, Kaltenbach.Solutions develops innovative web- and AI-based industry solutions to measurably and sustainably increase the performance of machinery and equipment, as used primarily in the steel processing industry. The corporate vision should now provide a clear answer to the question of "why".  From a business perspective, there is no right or wrong here. It is only important that the chosen formulation helps all employees to identify with the heart of the company. After all, employees want to support goals that they understand, appreciate and can use as a basis for their actions. Only this identification leads to emotional attachment, personal commitment, a lived sense of responsibility and thus to the long-term success of a company.

The Kaltenbach.Solutions team and Managing Partner Valentin Kaltenbach agreed on the following vision: "We accelerate the digital transformation in the manufacturing industry - for a sustainable, successful and better future". Their mission statement describes the current approach as follows: "We provide precise, data-driven information about machines and equipment to make manufacturing more efficient." Concepts such as a sense of responsibility, appreciation, trust, courage, a positive basic attitude and curiosity were recorded as central common values for daily work. In the coming months, the formulated statements and the strategies developed from them will find their way step by step into the company's internal working methods and external communications.