Digital resource management: Keeping an eye on all assets

The industry platform "Steelsuite" from Kaltenbach.Solutions GmbH enables medium-sized companies and corporate groups to enter into digital resource management with manageable effort. The proven solution for the steel trade, steel construction and mechanical engineering companies consists of several modules. The "Asset Manager" element displays the operating status of machinery, equipment and other operating resources in the form of simple graphics. Malfunctions and maintenance or service deadlines are visible at a glance. As a result, the availability of operating resources increases and maintenance costs can be reduced.

Industrial companies have a large number of very different operating assets such as machines, crane systems, vehicles, PCs, distributors of data streams, routers or mobile terminals. Efficient asset management has a major impact on production costs, maintenance processes and the availability of machines. Digitally supported solutions are useful for obtaining an overview of all operating equipment. Kaltenbach.Solutions has developed the "Asset Manager" module as part of its comprehensive "Steelsuite" solution for the steel industry and mechanical engineering. Where shift supervisors used to have to collect information on the condition of operating equipment, today all that is needed is a glance at the display on a cell phone or PC.

Various menu items can be used to control the processes related to maintenance and care as well as UVV inspections of systems, machines and individual devices. This also makes it possible to see where problems exist. The "Shutdown & Malfunction" view shows the appropriate process solutions for rectification. The digital "Logbook" records all events to give users an overview of previous activities at any time. It also makes it possible to structure the management of operating resources in a meaningful way. Several medium-sized companies and groups in the steel industry in Europe are already using the industry solution for clear working capital management and are also benefiting from the significant savings potential.