Confronting the fear of digitization in industry

Manufacturing companies in Europe are interested in the topic of Industry 4.0 - and yet implementation of the digital transformation in industry is sluggish. What is the reason for this? It is not uncommon to see a general rejection of new technical possibilities. Sometimes the lack of acceptance by plant managers and workers is downright tangible. In our view, the carefully planned and appreciative introduction of a digitization process is the cornerstone for successful implementation.

Employees' fear of losing their importance or their jobs is understandable. So is the concern of the managing directors about upsetting their workforce with the introduction of new technologies or, in the worst case, losing them. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, they do not want to expose themselves to this risk. We counter such fears with workshops that prepare the introduction of our digital solutions and accompany them through to implementation. Here, workers and managers come together as teams to define their goals and plan the steps to get there. Together, they then experience that the new technology in production becomes another useful tool in their hands, nothing more and nothing less.