Profitability calculation

The following calculations are based on average values. We’ll be very happy to run specific numbers for your company. Request your Boost now

Machine-related process costs

including servicing, maintenance, trouble shooting and downtime, support and procurement of auxiliary and operating materials,...

Duration of all processes per machine:
1 hour x 2 employees per shift
Process costs per year:
220.000 €

30% cost savings through process digitalisation
+65.000 €

Organisation-related idle times

Idle time per machine:
1225 hours per year (=35% of total capacity)
Downtime costs per year:
918.000 €

Potential per year:
At least 30% more productivity
+400.000 €
Basis of calculation
Number of machines: 10
Shifts: 2 shifts on 220 working days
Staff costs: 25 €/h
Basis of calculation
Number of machines: 10
Machine hours per year: 3.520 h (220 x 2 x 8 h)
Machine costs: 75 €/hour (including staff costs)